Axs to metamask

axs to metamask

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It is very important to to pass from the metamask detail and use the qr will need later. To do this, we will enter the asset, in this our metmask wallet. In to, open the ronin use the bridge that Axie wallets, the axa wallet called.

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How to Stake Axie Infinity AXS Tokens with Ronin Wallet \u0026 Binance
How to Install Axie's Ronin Wallet? Ronin is the official Axie Infinity wallet, and just like MetaMask, it is available as a browser extension. Hi Team, Axie Infinity updated the $AXS token to a new contract back in May It looks like MetaMask Swap is defaulting to the old AXS. In order to use MXC zkEVM, you need a decentralized wallet. You can either use Metamask or you can download the AXS app. Follow these steps if you would.
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